finished on Sunday

Took me about 12 hours. The nose is a little funky, but otherwise, I like it.

You can’t really see the underpainting, the blues and the greens, but there will be another photo after it finishes drying.

And apparently there are Renaissance paintings that aren’t chemically dry, yet. Mine will take far less time to dry, thankfully.

Self Portrait

I don’t have a title yet. Self Portrait seems a bit vain and plain. I’ve been calling it “Contrast” but that doesn’t really apply anymore (originally the background was going to be black).



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4 responses to “finished on Sunday

  1. scaryreasoner

    Was just digging around in Tag Surfer and saw this. Cool, I like the lighting. I like the yellowish background, I think the hair would be apt to disappear with a black background — though well placed highlights might make that an interesting way to go too.

    There’s a guy who has a website that sort of collects photos of self-portraits which I ran across some time ago. Mine’s in there somewhere.

  2. ambush

    I like it…

  3. Julia

    Nice! You have a blog!

    Self Portrait is a perfectly fine title.

    You look Indian, as in Native American, in your self-portrait. I like it.

  4. sara-34

    This is breathtaking. Not only is the contrast beautiful, but your stance and expression are so strong… If I knew you, I would ask you to paint one of me.

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