the little green man.

WARNING: Image may (or may not) be not work safe (NWS).


I got this little guy courtesy of one of my best friends, who found him while she was in China. If you press his dick, the fan on the back of his head spins around. Of course, I jammed the thing after turning it on and off a couple times, and so he’s a little withdrawn right now.

I like how he is frowning, as if he disapproves of his sexual objectification into a children’s toy. He also has no visible hands, as if to signify that this disgrace is not of his own doing – and plus, it is now firmly up to the holder to activate his switch and turn him on. (Let’s ignore the innuendo in that last sentence.)

He is such a bright shade of green. But why is this marketed towards tourists? Surely this toy cannot give a good impression of China, although I suppose tourists like my friend and I would find this funny. (There are other instances of sexual absurdity in everyday objects, and not in a little green alien context.)

Lastly, he is cute, other than his obvious discomfort and a lack of nipples. Humanoid objects sans nipples have always scared me. It’s such a defining part of the human anatomy, although I feel it is too associated with women’s sex drives and not men’s.


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  1. That is a lovely photo. You have really captured his inner emotions.

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