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Thick As Thieves WIP2


Progress. I cannot do two figures (the second is not even close to being finished). I cannot draw hands. A lot of frustration. That sums up my feelings.

So I stuck it into Photoshop and this is more like what I want it to be:


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not Ozymandias.

A Dirge

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Rough wind, that moanest loud
Grief too sad for song;
Wild wind, when sullen cloud
Knells all the night long;
Sad storm, whose tears are vain,
Bare woods, whose branches strain,
Deep caves and dreary main, —
Wail, for the world’s wrong!

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harking from 2004.

Existentialism on Prom Night
Straylight Run

When the sun came up,
We were sleeping in,
Sunk inside our blankets,
Sprawled across the bed,
And we were dreaming,

There are moments when,
When I know it and
The world revolves around us,
And we’re keeping it,
Keep it all going,
This delicate balance,
Vulnerable all knowing,

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Ridiculousness? You bet.

[Edit] <start sarcasm> Or, Free Speech: It Really Sucks. [/edit]

“That’s ridiculous,” I turned away from my computer screen, lips curled in a sure-to-be-disgusting snarl. Like so many Americans, I depend on my computer to escape from every day worries. Too much homework? No problem, I’ll just go surf through some blogs to take my mind off of impending doom, and when I’m sufficiently ready to tackle on the latest homework assignment, I close the browser window. At least, I minimize it. However, today, I’d caught hold of yet another “angry” blog, Angry Asian Man (AAM), pushing a false example of oppression into my face. The man was expressing anger over a poster that said, “Come Get Slant Eyed @ The Goat (No Offense)”. Can’t he see the “No Offense”? Obviously it’s not racist if it wasn’t meant to be racist.Anyway, isn’t there something more important AAM should be doing? Like telling the Chinese government to stop using so many children in their dirt-cheap factories and then sending the kids over to the U.S. to be adopted. The irresponsible Chinese are causing the U.S. to get poorer because Americans are trying to support the adopted Chinese kids. Outsourcing can probably also be traced back to these shifty adoptions. Hell, even global warming is China’s fault, if you think about it. Anyway, honestly, even if the man is just showing how racism is prevalent in glorious American society, thus convincing me to help stop this racism, he forgot the glorious part of glorious American society. The U.S. is the most powerful country in the world. Nothing could possibly be wrong in such a glorious country, and so there’s no need for blogs and other mediums to express anger over imaginary offenses.

Who is Angry Asian Man, anyway? Does he have a college degree in racism? In the “About Angry” part of his website, he doesn’t even state his real name. How do I know this guy is to be trusted? Apparently AAM is hugely influential in the Asian blogosphere. What dopes, those Asians, blindly following some random guy who probably lives on the streets. It doesn’t matter if he reaches a larger audience than just the Asian population, on account of the Internet being free and all that jazz, or even if he points out real cases of racism on a national scale – Americans aren’t racist anyway. If AAM just ignored racism, it’d go away.

Seriously, this identity problem is huge. Random people with no credentials can get on national T.V. and say whatever they want. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have no political experience whatsoever, yet millions of people pay, (pay!) to see their late-night shows. Their careless jokes will destroy the foundation of society with their pretentiousness. People say they know that those Comedy Central shows are satiric and ironic, but do they really? They’ve already followed AAM. I can’t count on normal people to differentiate between the real and the false to show the hypocrisy and frivolity of the world.

Furthermore, does anyone remember Wonkette and Washingtonienne? Washingtonienne was a completely anonymous lady involved in politics at Capitol Hill who exposed the lurid sex lives of politicians. Or a politician, it doesn’t matter. She posted too many incriminating details on her blog, and then Wonkette picked up her story, and the whole thing was blown into smithereens and chaos, which is what happens when anyone can say anything they want. Oh, never mind that Washingtonienne was correct and also exposed political hypocrisy to the public eye. All the T.V. stations and radio shows picked up on the story, bombarding me with ceaseless messages of D.C. sex and politics. I’d rather live with dis-honesty and deception than face such shameless displays of obscenity. Oh yeah, and they revealed Washingtonienne’s real name for the sucker she is.

Speaking of irresponsible individuals, Don Imus truly exemplifies the harm in individual free speech. His “nappy-headed hos” comment was the deranged thinking of one sexist, racist individual (he didn’t say “No Offense” after “hos”, so it’s offensive). His attitude, obviously not reflected by American society on a whole, nevertheless will surely be adopted by the listeners of his radio show, and then passed onto their neighbors, and the neighbors of the neighbors, and ignorant blog readers, and stupid, mindless T.V. show listeners, and so on and so forth. Thus, Imus will transform Americans into bigots, because we weren’t racist and sexist in the first place. And all that media uproar following his comment? No matter that the media tried to bring focus to and address those grievances, because, as I said earlier, the U.S. was a glorious society and didn’t need fixing before Don Imus came onto the scene.

There is so much useless and harmful drivel on the airwaves, whether it’s transmitting via wireless to my computer or through the air to my T.V. or my car radio, as seen with AAM, Stewart and Colbert, Washingtonienne, Don Imus and the gaggle of media. One last example. Just look at the nonsense the Bilerico Project, a major political LGBTQ blog, spews out. “Why Are So Many Gay Guys So Mean?” Because they read blogs, clearly. This is even sillier than AAM and “Slant Eyed.” Maybe AAM needs to get surgery to remove his epicanthal fold. Then he wouldn’t be slant eyed anymore and would be able to see past his foolishness. He’d be able to ignore the little details that make up his life and form the cage of his “oppression” (because racism doesn’t really exist, remember?). In order to return American society to its original glory, we need to band together and take away the “right” of every individual to speak freely, because it is utterly and totally annihilating our values. Long live freedom and equality!


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two poems this time.

How Do You Write A Poem?

Nikki Giovanni

how do you write a poem
about someone so close
to you that when you say ahhhhh
they say chuuuu
what can they ask you to put
on paper that isn’t already written
on your face
and does the paper make it
any more real
that without them
life would be not
impossible but certainly
more difficult
and why would someone need
a poem to say when i come
home if you’re not there
i search the air
for your scent
would i search any less
if i told the world
i don’t care at all
and love is so complete
that touch or not we blend
to teach other the things
that matter aren’t all about
baaaanging (i can be baaaanged all
day long) but finding a spot
where i can be free
of all the physical
and emotional bullshit
and simply sit with a cup
of coffee and say to you
“i’m tired” don’t you know
those are my love words
and say to you “how was your
day” doesn’t that show
i care or say to you “we lost
a friend” and not want to share
that loss with strangers
don’t you already know
what i feel and if
you don’t maybe
i should check my feelings

Poem (No Name No. 2)

Nikki Giovanni

Bitter Black Bitterness
Black Bitter Bitterness
Bitterness Black Brothers
Bitter Black Get
Blacker Get Bitter
Get Black Bitterness

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a return to figure drawing.

After many weeks of busy Saturdays, I finally had an open one. So, I went to the university’s figure drawing session again. This man was in his 40s, perhaps. In the room, there is a huge portrait of him, about 5′-6′ tall. He seems to be a pretty regular model. He was the first model that I’ve seen at these nude figure drawing sessions who didn’t have a tattoo. nude04.jpg

The foreshortening made two of the poses extremely hard.


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Thick As Thieves WIP1


The best picture I could get, in the late afternoon. This is only a section (the only complete section). My camera flash made some very shiny spots.

The shirt will not be orange for very long. I will probably end up lightening the background. I don’t want the figures to pop out that much.


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