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Come Back

Old art:

Come Back. January 2007. Approx. 12″x18″, mixed media.

Newspaper, acrylic, permanent marker, pen and ink, graphite, something like that.

It’s pretty old by now, and the technical aspects are not as good as in my current work, but I still love it all the same.

Details (click on images):


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Eyes Wide Open (Epicanthal Fold)

Click on the image for a larger version.

Eyes Wide Open (Epicanthal Fold). April 2008. Approx. 14″x14″, block print.

A lot of derogatory remarks are made towards E. Asians (the ones with epicanthal folds) because of our small eyes. Just because I have smaller eyes doesn’t mean I can’t see.

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good for Vogue (maybe).

So it’s official. Vogue Italia is having an all-black issue.

Let’s hope they get it right, and not wrong.

I find it interesting that the Vogue UK blurb first calls it an issue that will “feature only non-white models” and then says the issue will be “featuring black models.” Non-white = black?

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well, I think men’s bodies are most flattering with no clothes on, so they shouldn’t wear anything on the streets.

The problem with the main argument in that NYTimes article, that men like to look at women in dresses and thus women should wear dresses (oh no! the pant! how horrible! it helps women cross their legs – but where are the ultra-feminine dresses of the pre-second-wave-feminism era?!), is that then women should be making their clothing choices depending on the whims of another group. Besides, the standard constantly shifts. Certainly, in societies where women don’t wear Western-style dresses, men think those women “look good” in other types of clothing. If someone else decides the standard, that someone else can also change the standard.

Besides, women aren’t in the world for men to oogle and shape to their fancy. We’re people, too.

[edit 7:56 PM] I got the jump on feministing this time, but Vanessa wrote another rebuttal of the NYTimes piece here.

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Feminist Fashion #2

Do you guys consider this ad offensive?

I don’t, and I think this is a good example of a subversive (sexual orientation) ad that does not inherently harm women.


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error: no access because high school students can’t learn about evolution, or they might get bad thoughts.

I was reading Pharyngula while I had some down time in school today. I tried clicking on this link, only to discover:

Basically Sarkar’s piece is a level-headed refute of attacks on evolution (Expelled). A quick look through the comments didn’t reveal anything hugely inflammatory. So why the block? Oh, that’s right. We’re corrupting our children through scientific thought. Gee. Evolution = “Political Extreme/Hate/Discrimination.” Not like, the KKK or anything (all last year, the KKK website was left unblocked, and also for the vast majority of this school year, as well).

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Self Portrait (2)

Self Portrait. April 2008. 18″x24″, oil on canvas.

Oil on canvas for submission to AP Studio Art (Drawing) exam. Quick work in about 5 hours. It’s a bit different than previous paintings, since I did it in two sittings, and worked with a lot of turpentine as a thinner (and a bit of linseed oil as well). I had to buy new colors for this painting (and it was not inexpensive). I might go back and get some more, since now I have a handy coupon. Detail (click on thumbnail):


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