Untitled (previously Sitting)

[Ok, first off, is anyone else confused by WordPress’ new layout? I can’t find anything!]

Untitled. 2008. 16″x20″, oil on birch.

Finished yesterday. And yes, yes, (for those of you who know the subject) the nose is off.

Details (click to enlarge):

Any title suggestions?



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3 responses to “Untitled (previously Sitting)

  1. Yes, I was confused as well but it is all there so far as I can see, just shuffled a little.
    Agree with you about colour mixing but cannot persuade myself to sit and do nothing but mix colours. A satisfactory way of lighting my painting area would help.
    “Untitled” – nice work.

  2. His nose looks crooked.

    I love the hair. And the shirt, for that matter.

    Background colors look quite similar to this one. Intentional? 😉

  3. thanks, justwilliams. Lighting the basement where I paint is a pain as well. I can only get natural light early in the morning, when I’m at school, of course.

    Julia – not intentional! haha. there’s actually quite a bit of tan in the background of this one, whereas there’s none in the self portrait. but on the computer, you’re right, they do look oddly similar.

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