Self Portrait (2)

Self Portrait. April 2008. 18″x24″, oil on canvas.

Oil on canvas for submission to AP Studio Art (Drawing) exam. Quick work in about 5 hours. It’s a bit different than previous paintings, since I did it in two sittings, and worked with a lot of turpentine as a thinner (and a bit of linseed oil as well). I had to buy new colors for this painting (and it was not inexpensive). I might go back and get some more, since now I have a handy coupon. Detail (click on thumbnail):


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4 responses to “Self Portrait (2)

  1. Note: All references to “left” in this comment are from the perspective of the viewer. As in, my left, not your image’s left.

    You look American Indian again!

    I really really love the colors of the shirt and of the left side of your face.

    The golden color of the left side of your face, the shape of the left eye and left eyebrow, the one-dimensionalness of the left eye, the super-dramatic contrast between the white and black of the left eye, the lack of hair on the left side of your face, and the really bright shade of blue on the shirt all remind me of something.

    This poster!

    I know, I make weird associations.

  2. Thanks, Julia! I love the Aida poster, too, although I have to vehemently (haha, just kidding) disagree about looking Native American (it must be the heavy lines around the eyes). The epicanthal fold, Julia, the epicanthal fold!

  3. Okay, on second thought, it’s more Egyptian than American Indian. The left side of your face looks like King Tut.

    (That was a compliment.)

  4. blonko91


    I was just surfing the “growing” blogs site.
    Thats an incredible piece of Art!

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