the problem with white jeans.


I just stained my new white jeans.

The culprit:



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6 responses to “the problem with white jeans.

  1. Oh, please, like anyone’s going to notice.

    Is that a smoothie in the second picture?

  2. Hey, you never know who’s looking at my knee! 😉

    A strawberry/blueberry/raspberry/blackberry smoothie, to be exact!

  3. fuckpoliteness

    Filed under possibly the lamest comment ever: I make these smoothies with frozen banana, strawberries and fruit juice. They’re SO good (I know I’m odd but I can’t stand dairy in smoothies). Yours does sound more appealling I admit, but I get a little hung up on how the frozen banana gives the smoothie the icecreamy texture…yep. Certainly lamest comment ever

  4. Dude, I will try that tonight. I actually think the dairy in my smoothies gives it a weird texture, because I let it sit on my desk for about 30 minutes before I actually finish drinking it, and by the end it congeals and becomes jello-like. Not that appetizing. So maybe the fuit juice/frozen banana mixture will work better. 🙂

  5. fuckpoliteness

    Well I feel a little less lame now.

  6. P.S. Your comment wasn’t lame.

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