I love clothes.

Just to make that clear. I love clothes. Usually, as a high school student with a minimum wage job and no allowance, I can’t afford them. I have to save up for a couple months to buy some high-end items, so usually I just go to eBay and buy some scarves or something.

But this coat/jacket:

Has me disregarding the $195 price tag, simply because the back is too cool:

It’s hooded! A hooded trench coat! The idea blows my mind apart! (Not really.) But too cool.

Now I just have to choose between buying this, assuming it’s not sold out by the time I can save up enough money, and buying one of the other myriad of clothing items I really want, but obviously can’t afford.

Eventually I’m going to end up with more jackets than shirts. Which would be interesting.


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