what I need to do in the next two days:

  1. Prepare for my final two final exams (US history and French)
  2. Read Orlando, by Virginia Woolf
  3. Return a fiction book, a French textbook, an English textbook (opened once), and a US history textbook
  4. Finish a painting
  5. Go to work
  6. Pack for a trip to Chicago
  7. Memorize two piano pieces
  8. Sight read a Schubert string quartet; this also means I have to find a recording so I know what it’s supposed to sound like
  9. Clean my room
  10. Check out a biology textbook and a nonfiction book that I’m supposed to read over the summer; I’m assured nobody ever does this assignment and the teacher goes over the notes at the beginning of the next school year
  11. Find my Best Buy gift card (this follows naturally from #9) so I can get Narrow Stairs without spending my own money
  12. There is no #12

The end. (Actually, I should read Lies My Teacher Told Me and then return it to the person I borrowed it from. That’ll be my #12.)


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