I like to be well dressed, but…

Women’s Wear Daily reports:

Ports 1961 has struck a deal with NBC Universal to dress four female commentators for NBC, MSNBC, CNBC and USA Network during the Games, which take place Aug. 8 to 24.

So I know that Ports only has a womenswear division, but isn’t it, hmm, weird that only the female commentators are supposed to be that well dressed? Where’s the menswear designer outfitting all the male commentators?



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2 responses to “I like to be well dressed, but…

  1. hmm. why do guys have such limited options when it comes to dressing nicely? black suit and tie, usually. (or maybe some pinstripes if you’re daring)

  2. That would be interesting the explore – the evolution of menswear and womenswear within their slots of a gendered world.

    My ideas off the top of my head would include things like men aren’t judged in prowess by their physical attraction so it’s not as important to dress in revealing/absurd contraptions. Or something.

    Luckily, on the internet, some people are trying to up the standard for men to also dress well (like Thom Wong). Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist also has some interesting menswear photographs, shot around the world but mostly focusing on NYC.

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