Hi everyone. This date on the calendar says that I am officially another year closer to my death year. Let’s just hope it’s somewhere off in the future.

Here are my goals for the year, taken off an AP Lit assignment:
1. Listen to a wider variety of music, especially concerning classic rock and opera
2. Read at least 1000 pages of paper-published books each month
3. Regularly practice piano and violin. Do not wait for the day before lessons
4. Do not drop drawing and painting. Make daily entries in the sketchbook
5. Maintain a 4.0
6. Do not crash the car
7. Do not pull an all-nighter
8. When full, do not eat any more
9. Do homework as soon as possible, and read textbook chapters sooner than two days before the test
10. Watch all 5 seasons of The Wire
11. Do not get angry at the kids at the Kumon Center when they do not get how to divide fractions even after having been explained to uncountable times
12. Think positively about college admissions. Do not stress out too much
13. Try every flavor of ice cream at Cold Stone
14. Sell unwanted clothes and books
15. Do not spend all earned money on clothes and books, even if thrifted and used
16. Appreciate the town
17. Be happy!! Life is beautiful and there are beautiful things all around

18. Cherish all current friends and future friends



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2 responses to “birthday.

  1. Good list, although I’m not sure you can eat that much ice cream in one year. I’m with you on 4 and 10, though, going out to buy some paper today.

    Appreciate Columbia, yes! You really will miss it next year. Go find good places to eat around town, and bring some friends.

    Well, I’m off to class now, but I’ll talk to you more tonight.


    PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

  2. reminds me that I also need a bucket list

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