Feminist Fashion #3 NWS

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February’s Vogue Paris has an editorial featuring models Lara Stone and Travis, photographed by Steven Klein and entitled “Lara Fiction Noire.”

The one clever thing is that there are no guns anywhere in the editorial, this attempt at noir fiction:

In this sub-genre, the protagonist is usually not a detective, but instead either a victim, a suspect, or a perpetrator. He is someone tied directly to the crime, not an outsider called to solve or fix the situation. Other common characteristics…are the emphasis on sexual relationships and the use of sex to advance the plot and the self-destructive qualities of the lead characters. This type of fiction also has the lean, direct writing style and the gritty realism commonly associated with hardboiled fiction.

The images (not work safe):

A woman handcuffed to a bed, nothing new – but the boy in a cage?

The police are here!

Is he forcing her mouth open? She’s still holding a cig anyway. This one’s ambiguous, so I’ll leave it.

Definitely tones of gang rape here. The boy is restrained (by three hands), underneath, submissive (eyes closed) with menacing people above him.

Uh oh, power reversal.

What’s she going to do with the car?

Oh, she’s going to crash the car, kill (yes? perhaps?) the dude and then smoke a cigarette. She still has tossed, perfect hair, un-smudged lipstick, and the blood on her neck doesn’t look like her own: murder is cool.

Other than glamorizing rape and violence, this editorial is also boring. There’s nothing here that hasn’t been done before. Blood, sex, allusions to The Dark Knight and Jane Birkin? A thousand and one pornos have already done it all, and Steven Klein has done a thousand and one photo shoots emulating porn. The Shock Factor is the cheapest way to get attention.

Images via fakingfashion @ lJ

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