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Happy things:

  1. No more standardized tests (for a couple years, at least)!
  2. Thanksgiving break!

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I guess fall really is here

because not only did I have to rake leaves today, I just saw a flock of geese fly past my window.

All your life is such a shame, shame, shame.
All your love is just a dream, dream, dream.

Well, I dreamt I saw you walking up a hillside in the snow
Casting shadows on the winter sky as you stood there counting crows.
One for sorrow,
Two for joy,
Three for girls and four for boys,
Five for silver,
Six for gold,
Seven for a secret never to be told.

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Hi everyone. This date on the calendar says that I am officially another year closer to my death year. Let’s just hope it’s somewhere off in the future.

Here are my goals for the year, taken off an AP Lit assignment:
1. Listen to a wider variety of music, especially concerning classic rock and opera
2. Read at least 1000 pages of paper-published books each month
3. Regularly practice piano and violin. Do not wait for the day before lessons
4. Do not drop drawing and painting. Make daily entries in the sketchbook
5. Maintain a 4.0
6. Do not crash the car
7. Do not pull an all-nighter
8. When full, do not eat any more
9. Do homework as soon as possible, and read textbook chapters sooner than two days before the test
10. Watch all 5 seasons of The Wire
11. Do not get angry at the kids at the Kumon Center when they do not get how to divide fractions even after having been explained to uncountable times
12. Think positively about college admissions. Do not stress out too much
13. Try every flavor of ice cream at Cold Stone
14. Sell unwanted clothes and books
15. Do not spend all earned money on clothes and books, even if thrifted and used
16. Appreciate the town
17. Be happy!! Life is beautiful and there are beautiful things all around

18. Cherish all current friends and future friends


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at the Hong Kong airport (my total travel time is just shy of 48 hours).

It’s refreshing to finally be in a place where my height is considered average, for once. Except for the stray Caucasian visitor, of course. But then I realized that everywhere I turned, the advertisements seemed to place me in New York City, not Hong Kong. They feature white models. Of course, I thought at first, all these brands are European. Why would they change their ad campaigns from continent to continent if ad campaigns are such an iconic part of a brand? But then I passed a whitening lotion advertisement, whose model was still white (despite the fact that white people generally don’t want to whiten their skin and these products are nonexistent in the Western world) and then I ran out of excuses.

It was interesting to note that one brand kept their black model.

Also, I almost missed Vogue Nippon in a bookstore because they segregate by culture – Western and Eastern (basically: English and Chinese, Korean, and Japanese). I just looked in the fashion magazine part of the bookstore – too bad I gravitated towards the English side of the store first. Silly me.


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I just made up a simple rule-of-thumb.

It addresses the truth that women’s bodies are held to be within the public domain: Guys, if what you do to a female would be construed as “gay” if done to a male, it’s not appropriate. And the same holds true for gals going through the same motions.

Note: I am not endorsing homophobia in any way.

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do I look like a shopgirl?

Yesterday, I did some shopping. As I was leaving a store, leaving the store, two white women walked in. As I stepped over the threshold of the shop, one turned around and said, “Do you work here?” I turned around, propping the door open with my shoulder. “Nope,” I replied, and left.

Yeah, all the people with a little melanin in their skins must be the employees, or something. Jeez. Isn’t that racist?


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what I need to do in the next two days:

  1. Prepare for my final two final exams (US history and French)
  2. Read Orlando, by Virginia Woolf
  3. Return a fiction book, a French textbook, an English textbook (opened once), and a US history textbook
  4. Finish a painting
  5. Go to work
  6. Pack for a trip to Chicago
  7. Memorize two piano pieces
  8. Sight read a Schubert string quartet; this also means I have to find a recording so I know what it’s supposed to sound like
  9. Clean my room
  10. Check out a biology textbook and a nonfiction book that I’m supposed to read over the summer; I’m assured nobody ever does this assignment and the teacher goes over the notes at the beginning of the next school year
  11. Find my Best Buy gift card (this follows naturally from #9) so I can get Narrow Stairs without spending my own money
  12. There is no #12

The end. (Actually, I should read Lies My Teacher Told Me and then return it to the person I borrowed it from. That’ll be my #12.)

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