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for a rainy day.

Faure’s Second Piano Quartet

James Schuyler

On a day like this the rain comes
down in fat and random drops among
the ailanthus leaves—“the tree
of Heaven”—the leaves that on moon-
lit nights shimmer black and blade-
shaped at this third-floor window.
And there are bunches of small green
knobs, buds, crowded together. The
rapid music fills in the spaces of
the leaves. And the piano comes in,
like an extra heartbeat, dangerous
and lovely. Slower now, less like
the leaves, more like the rain which
almost isn’t rain, more like thawed-
out hail. All this beauty in the
mess of this small apartment on
West 20th in Chelsea, New York.
Slowly the notes pour out, slowly,
more slowly still, fat rain falls.


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so much wrong.

You Take It Out of the Dryer This Minute!
Indian dude sitting outside laundromat: It wasn’t a baby! It wasn’t a real, white baby!
Blonde: It was a genuine baby!

–Greenpoint, Brooklyn

via Overheard in New York, Nov 5, 2007

There’s so much wrong with that quote. It’s almost insinuating that a baby has to be “white” to be “real.” Thanks, Indian dude. What an example of white supremacy at its finest, even in progressive New York. And the setting, a laundromat, brings to mind the slums of immigration.

That said, it is a sort of funny quote. And I still think NYC is a great city.

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