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Self Portrait (2)

Self Portrait. April 2008. 18″x24″, oil on canvas.

Oil on canvas for submission to AP Studio Art (Drawing) exam. Quick work in about 5 hours. It’s a bit different than previous paintings, since I did it in two sittings, and worked with a lot of turpentine as a thinner (and a bit of linseed oil as well). I had to buy new colors for this painting (and it was not inexpensive). I might go back and get some more, since now I have a handy coupon. Detail (click on thumbnail):


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Untitled (previously Sitting)

[Ok, first off, is anyone else confused by WordPress’ new layout? I can’t find anything!]

Untitled. 2008. 16″x20″, oil on birch.

Finished yesterday. And yes, yes, (for those of you who know the subject) the nose is off.

Details (click to enlarge):

Any title suggestions?


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Sitting WIP2


After 5 hours.

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Sitting WIP1


After 2 hours of work.. I am becoming more efficient. mixing colors is always boom or bust, though. I need to sit down and just mix, for many hours, to get used to the color combinations.

I need a title for this one, also.

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Girl in Blue (previously Thick As Thieves)


Girl in Blue. 2008. 16″x22″, oil on birch.

I added the finishing touches today. It’s still very wet. It was a beautiful day, though. I worked outside for the first time in months. Plus, I finally took photos during the day, so the colors are now true to life.

It’s hard to pinpoint the transition from a girl to a woman. (I just noticed the ear is funky. I’ll have to change that.) Continue reading

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Thick As Thieves WIP3

Drastic changes have been made.

Details (messy brushwork):

Only a little left to do. From the photograph at the top, it looks basically finished.

As a portrait, I really like it. But as a piece, I think I have to call this one a failure. I couldn’t follow through with my original concept and idea. (Too hard.)

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Thick As Thieves WIP2


Progress. I cannot do two figures (the second is not even close to being finished). I cannot draw hands. A lot of frustration. That sums up my feelings.

So I stuck it into Photoshop and this is more like what I want it to be:

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