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Dear Reader
Billy Collins

Baudelaire considers you his brother,
and Fielding calls out to you every few paragraphs
as if to make sure you have not closed the book,
and now I am summoning you up again,
attentive ghost, dark silent figure standing
in the doorway of these words.

Pope welcomes you into the glow of his study,
takes down a leather-bound Ovid to show you.
Tennyson lifts the latch to a moated garden,
and with Yeats you lean against a broken pear tree,
the day hooded by low clouds.

But now you are here with me,
composed in the open field of this page,
no room or manicured garden to enclose us,
no Zeitgeist marching in the background,
no heavy ethos thrown over us like a cloak.

Instead, our meeting is so brief and accidental,
unnoticed by the monocled eye of History,
you could be the man I held the door for
this morning at the bank or post office
or the one who wrapped my speckled fish.
You could be someone I passed on the street
or the face behind the wheel of an oncoming car.

The sunlight flashes off your windshield,
and when I look up into the small, posted mirror,
I watch you diminish—my echo, my twin—
and vanish around a curve in this whip
of a road we can’t help traveling together.

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Time WIP3

What’s in the top left corner?


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Time WIP2



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Time WIP1



The Long Boat

Stanley Kunitz

When his boat snapped loose
from its mooring, under
the screaking of the gulls,
he tried at first to wave
to his dear ones on shore,
but in the rolling fog
they had already lost their faces.
Too tired even to choose
between jumping and calling,
somehow he felt absolved and free
of his burdens, those mottoes
stamped on his name-tag:
conscience, ambition, and all
that caring.
He was content to lie down
with the family ghosts
in the slop of his cradle,
buffeted by the storm,
endlessly drifting.
Peace! Peace!
To be rocked by the Infinite!
As if it didn’t matter
which way was home;
as if he didn’t know
he loved the earth so much
he wanted to stay forever.

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Sitting WIP2


After 5 hours.

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Sitting WIP1


After 2 hours of work.. I am becoming more efficient. mixing colors is always boom or bust, though. I need to sit down and just mix, for many hours, to get used to the color combinations.

I need a title for this one, also.

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incompleteness? (a Gondal poem.)

Alone I sat

Emily Jane Brontë

Alone I sat; the summer day
Had died in smiling light away;
I saw it die, I watched it fade
From misty hill and breezeless glade;

And thoughts in my soul were gushing,
And my heart bowed beneath their power;
And tears within my eyes were rushing
Because I could not speak the feeling,
The solemn joy around me stealing
In that divine, untroubled hour.

I asked my self: ‘O why has heaven
Denied the precious gift to me,
The glorious gift to many given
To speak their thoughts in poetry?

‘Dreams have encircled me,’ I said,
From careless childhood’s sunny time;
Visions by ardent fancy fed
Since life was in its morning prime.’

But now, when I had hoped to sing,
My fingers strike a tuneless string;
And still the burden of the strain
Is: ‘strive no more; ’tis all in vain.’

Nothing ends up like I want it to.

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